Posted on: December 4, 2007

From The Mountain World:

"Squamish climber Matt Maddaloni rigged a 30-foot-diameter trapeze net, fashioned from fishing net and industrial-strength bungy cord, to protect his attempts to free-solo a 5.13a route."



I have to think that this little stunt was done entirely as a joke. If I don't think about it as a joke, large sectors of my teeth begin to powder under the grinding.

You can read Mr. Maddaloni's own comments on the subject at his blog.

Perhaps my favorite part was when he says, "I never did finish the route—the crux takes you out near the edge of the net—but it was sure fun taking huge whippers into space on your back."

Don't get too close to the edge of the trapeze net, kids. You could get hurt. And isn't a whipper called a whipper because of the rope? If you don't have a rope, isn't it just a fall?

Now, to be fair, the only reason I'm as irritated about this as I am, is Mr. Maddaloni's usage of the term "free solo" in his description of what he did. As Mark Twight said in Kiss or Kill, "Although I am free to do anything, my actions directly reflect my integrity...It matters little what you do, as long as you say what you do."

This is hardly a free solo.

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listen to the cauldron call the kettle, call the pot, black...hahahahaha

Who is Croft? Someone you know? You speak about them like you do.

I'm glad to see that I moved you to action, now just translate that feeling to your everyday life and you're good to go!

Me, I'm going net soloing...I'll be sure to let you know how it goes...

2007-12-06 12:32:14

2007-12-06 10:02:13

2007-12-06 10:01:15

Listen to the kettle calling the pot black! Perhaps it's your own ranting that got you excited and the bullshit that needs to be called down is on your own. Methinks you missed the whole point of the 'blogg' and that's exactly what Grandpa is talking about. Who cares what that 'bunch of guys having a great time' are doing, it's what they are calling it that the distinction lies. Let's not call it a free-solo if it's not exactly that huh? I don't remember reading about Croft stringing up trapeze nets and calling what he does 'free-soloing'? Oh wait, that's right, he doesn't do that. And if anybody is out there hanging his nuts, it's him on a daily basis. If you disagree with the terms, than invent your own, because there are few left that are 'sacred cows'. Like Summits? If we can't keep our terminology straight, then we lose what intregity we have- calling that 'free-soloing' only insults what every soloist has done in the past.

BTW - try a little decaf before you pound away at the keyboard. . .

2007-12-06 09:35:46


Hey Grandpa...it's just some kids having fun, sorry you're too jaded to see that. Try not to lose your goddamned dentures. What surprises me most is that you actually took the time to write this ridiculous rant, but I guess that's what people do when they don't feel useful anymore.

It looks like a bunch of guys having a great time. Apparently, "free-soloing"( a term which, I'm willing to bet, Mr. Maddaloni is more familiar with than you) is your sacred cow. Get over it old man.

I'm here to call bullshit on these sorts of rants...who the hell are you to judge anyone? You don't like what the next guy is doing? Then show everyone how to do it ya badass. In the mean time, go change your man-diapers, have a matamucil and shut the fuck up.

Actions speak louder than words Gramps...and look who's doing all the talking?

2007-12-06 06:01:17
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