New Climbing Management Plan for Great Falls, VA

Posted on: December 13, 2007

The National Park Service has released its Final General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement for Great Falls (VA) Park. The document is the culmination of a process that started in 2003, and contains specific rules for climbing at Great Falls. The document is available at

Chapter 2 contains a description of the new regulations which reflect lengthy discussions with local climbers. A Climbing Management Plan is called for and there is still a risk of restrictions on climbing. For now, several climbing areas can be accessed via one trail with a special seasonal access pass issued free by the NPS. Other climbing areas are not affected at this time. Climbers need to be aware of the restrictions, obtain the pass and participate in the preparation of the Climbing Management Plan.

More information can be found on the Friends of Great Falls web site: There is also a listserv at

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For those of you that are Fairfax County locals, if you want to avoid paying the fee to get into the park, If you park in Riverbend Park, it's only about a mile hike downstream to Great Falls Park. For those of you that don't know where Riverbend Park is, it's at the end of River Bend Rd, the next road to the west of Old Dominion Dr (the road going to GF Park) on Georgetown Pike. I'm not sure if the park is free for everyone but if it's like any of the other county parks, non-county residents have to pay a small fee ($3-5) to get in where as Fairfax County Residents get in for free. I live in Great Falls and I haven't once had to pay to get into the park if I hiked from Riverbend Park

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