Alpinist 54

Notes from the Frontier

Posted on: May 9, 2016

Mohnish Dhagat on the trek to base camp below CB 13 (6264m), during a light-style expedition in the Lahaul Himalaya, India. [Photo] Abhijeet Singh

I. Links (Or: A Broken Chain)

ON FINE DAYS, THE PEAKS of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary are a ridge of crackled rock and ice between thin-air blue and the rude green of the valley. At the center of the mountain amphitheater, the bliss-giving goddesses, Nanda and Sunanda, tower in quiet exaltation. This is country that you might confuse for a Romantic fantasy; a rendering of the Himalayan sublime. It prompted the British explorer Eric Shipton to remark that "a vision of such a beauty was worth a world of striving." It inspired in the Indian mountaineer Hari Dang "the most perfect peace" he'd ever known.

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