Alpinist 54

Event Horizon

Posted on: May 9, 2016

Luka Lindic in 2013, on the steep beginning of the south face of Phola Gangchen (Molemenqing, 7703m), Jugal Himal. "We were blinded by excitement and devotion," Marko Prezelj recalls. "But right after this pitch our excitement evaporated into thin air. Our doubts grew with the rising number of clouds of tell-tale shapes." A blizzard descended. Within a few days, they began a long retreat, digging their way through chest-deep snow. [Photo] Marko Prezelj

Every fleeting moment is a choice. It begins and ends in our heads: we decide where to look, how to react and how to capture this illusion of reality. We create a fiction. The same person might choose a different focus in the same setting but a different mood. Several people in the same situation will tell contrasting stories. They'll take disparate photos in the same places and on the same trips.

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