Alpinist 52

Freedom in the Hills

Posted on: November 16, 2015

[Opening Spread, Clockwise from Center] Ines Papert, Jarmila Tyrill, Jewell Lund, Pat Deav- oll, Natalia Martínez, Kei Taniguchi, Sílvia Vidal, Han Mi-sun (front) and Chae Mi-sun. [Photos] Thomas Senf, Camilo Rada, Louis Arevalo, Marty Beare, Camilo Rada, Kei Taniguchi collection, Eloi Callado, Lee Myoung-hee collection

For decades, female alpinists have made extraordinary ascents from remote big walls to storm-swept peaks, yet their numbers have remained relatively low. Charlotte Austin explores some of the barriers of the past and the potential for the future. Silvia Vidal, Jarmila Tyrril, Pat Deavoll, Ines Papert, Jewell Lund, Lee Myoung-hee, Kei Taniguchi and Natalia Martinez share ascents and ideas that have inspired them in recent years.

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