Table of Contents


42 The Torch & The Brotherhood

Kyle Dempster, Hayden Kennedy and Josh Wharton push their limits in the Karakoram.

55 Homage

74 Boldness, Genius, Magic: The Life of Bill Denz

Peter Haan, Dave "Zappa" Austin and Paul Maxim


11 The Sharp End

Packing Our Libraries

15 On Belay

At the Ends of the Earth, Where the Mountains Are Born

24 Tool Users

The Nut Tool

27 The Climbing Life

Mark C. Rodell chops a bolt. Alexis Perry witnesses a death. Jerry Auld invokes Italo Calvino's ghost.

89 Escape Route

Via Walleye

93 Wired

Who Carries The Load

98 Off Belay

Helen Mort takes off the dress.