Posted on: June 1, 2007

[Photo] Christian Beckwith

Unlike today's bold and rad generation, Colorado-based climber and topo artist Clay Wadman enjoys the occasional epic. Got enough food? Drop some. Tricky beta? Forget to ask. Never in a day, never light: Why go fast when you can camp out? "For some it may be what they climbed; for me it's what I couldn't.

[Photo] Pavle Kozjek collection

Pavle Kozjek runs a software department at Statistics Slovenia, but he seeks to be a good father and husband, so he climbs light and fast, whether at home, in the Andes or the Himalaya. He's been making ascents in his own style for almost thirty years—far too long to think about changing his ways now.

[Photo] Kim Csizmazia collection

Despite winning numerous ice comps, redpointing 5.13 sport routes, onsighting 5.12 trad lines, soloing walls and climbing mountains, Kim Csizmazia considers herself a climbing generalist. She lives in Canmore, Canada, where she tromps around the hills with her partner, Will Gadd.

[Photo] Keith Ladzinski collection

Keith Ladzinski's passion for outdoor photography has led him to shoot travel stories, adventure expeditions, sports, urban life, the business world and photojournalism for clients from The New York Times to Transworld Skateboarding. Between assignments, he resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

[Photo] Galen Rowell

Peter Croft started soloing on the scruffy cliffs of Vancouver Island. Just before getting himself into trouble, he took the ferry to the mainland, hitched to Squamish and learned to tie in with other misfits. When not wandering the Sierra, he resides in Bishop, California.

[Photo] Pete Takeda

The recent author of An Eye At The Top Of The World, Pete Takeda has climbed on boulders, crags, big walls and mountains for the past twenty-five years. Once an inhabitant of Yosemite, today he occupies, writes in and climbs out of a basement in Boulder, Colorado.

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