Posted on: March 19, 2007

Editor's Note: In 1991 The Piolet D'Or award was inaugurated jointly by Montagnes Magazine and Groupe de Haute Montagne (GHM). GHM renounced its participation this year when Montagnes hand-selected the five finalists for 2007 without consulting the jury's input. Below is a translation of a GHM press release that proposes a new trophy, "directly connected with the concepts of present-day alpinists," be developed over the coming year.

A report on the 2007 Piolet d'Or controversy is available in the January 5 NewsWire. Steve House and Marko Prezelj (2006 and 2007 award recipients) have spoken out about the award's future in the February 26, February 27 and March 16 NewsWires.

The Piolet d'Or—Francois Marsigny's superb idea, taken up by the then-president of the GHM, Jean-Claude Marmier, and developed by our former president Yves Peysson, in total confidence with Guy Chaumereuil, who at the time was the editor-in-chief of Montagnes Magazine—has lived today.

We must admit that the conviviality of it is gone, that the financial interests of the hypothetical and disputed winners have become too weighty. The time has changed; the Piolet d'Or must change.

The Piolet d'Or must become again a grand festival, a space for encounters and exchanges that will valorize alpinism and its values. A festival that in accordance with the diverse nationalities of those nominated will internationalize its geographic locus.

The GHM proposes to its sponsors and partners the next March 23 to develop a new trophy that will be directly connected with the concepts of present-day alpinists. All those who love, support and maintain the promotion of alpinism will be welcome to work with us, respecting the qualities, means and attributions of each.


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