Posted on: June 1, 2005

Bean Bowers, recipient of the 2005 Miracle Whip Award. Three hours into his lead on the summit mushroom of Torre Egger. Bowers peeled, taking a ninety-footer that tore out Johnny Copp’s anchor. Fortunately, Mr. Bowers is hewn from the trunk of an oak tree and walked away from the fall with only minor back pain. [Photo] Jvan Tresch

After our attempt on Torre Egger ended with Bean Bowers' Miracle Whip, Josh Wharton and I managed to climb three towers in fifty hours. We started at noon with Chiaro de Luna (5.11b, 800m, Giordani-Valenti, 1987) on St. Exupery, then climbed down the north ridge and up the Anglo-American route (5.10d, 600m, Boysen-Braithwaite, 1974) on Innominata (aka Aguja Rafael), then down to the north col to finish with the Fonrouge Route (TD: 1200m, Fonrouge-Rosasco, 1968) on Poincenot. We slept twice, sucked good water out of little holes in the rock, and received the notorious Innsbruck report while on route. We had steak, chocolate cake, salad and cerveza upon our return to Chalten, where we slept deep and dreamless.

— Jonny Copp, Boulder, Colorado

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