Arctic Rage

Posted on: September 1, 2004

[Left] The east faces of The Bear Tooth and The Mooses Tooth, showing Arctic Rage (VI WI6+ M6 R A2, 4500', Gilmore-Mahoney, 2004). The Dance of the Woo-Li Masters (VI WI4+ M6, Bridwell-Stump, 1981) shares the start with Arctic Rage, then moves left to take the weakness on the lefthand flank of the Mooses Tooth to the summit. The Beast Pillar (VII A5 5.10b WI4+ M6, Bridwell-Pfinsten, 2001) is a direct start to The Dance of the Woo-Li Masters. [Right] Kevin Mahoney entering Shotgun Alley in full condition on the final pushl. [Photo] Roger Robinson and Ben Gilmore

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