Vertical Dreams

Posted on: June 1, 2003

[Left] Left to right; the west faces of Cerro Standhardt, Torre Egger and Cerro Torre. Cerro Torre's West Face Route (WI 6 5.6, ca. 1000m, Acquistapace- Alippi- Conti- Chiappa- Corti- Ferrari- Lafranconi- Liati- Panzeri- Negri- Zanzetta- Zoia, 1974) takes the right hand (snowy) skyline. The ascent, made by a team of Lecco Spiders and led by Casimiro Ferrari, was the first confirmed ascent of the mountain; it would be another twenty years before the face saw another route. [Right] The town of Lecco, Italy and its surrounding mountains, home to the Ragni di Lecco— the Lecco Spiders. [Photo] Beth Wald and Mauro Lanfranchi

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