Posted on: August 25, 2002

La Mascara (1850m) East face, Ilusiones (VI 5.10b A3+ or 5.11d, 700m, Alonso-Martos-Pelaez, 2001), first free ascent, Andy Cave and Leo Houlding (UK), early January 2002.

South face, Duncan's Dihedral (VI 5.11a A1, 700m, Copp-Merriam, 1998), second ascent, Dave Hesleden and Simon Nadin (UK), early January 2002. Hesleden and Nadin freed one previously aided pitch at 5.11c.

Paine Towers


North, Central, and South Paine Towers, first solo enchainment and traverse, Steve Schneider (USA), February 16-18, 2002, in fifty-one hours base camp-to-base camp.

North Tower (ca. 2260m)

North Summit, new route, Ralph Ferrar and John Rzeczycki. Further details are lacking.

North Summit (ca. 2200m), west face, new route (IV 5.11+, 460m), Allison and Mike Pennings, February 17, 2002. The route followed the first three pitches of Adrenalina Vertical before moving left for five or six new pitches.

Central Tower (2454m), east-northeast face, Bonington-Whillans Route (IV 5.10a/b A1 or 5.11, 650m, Bonington-Whillans, 1963), first free ascent, Sean Leary and Zack Smith (USA), mid-January 2002. Allison and Mike Pennings (USA) climbed the route all free on February 16, 2002 (with a slightly different variation). Allison was likely the second woman to summit the Central Tower.

East Face, Riders on the Storm (VI 5.12d A3, 1300m, Batz-Dittrich-Arnold-Gullich-Albert, 1990-91), probable second ascent, David Stastny and Jan Kreisinger (Czech Republic), January 30-February 7, 2002. Out of twelve days on the wall, four and a half were spent in the portaledge due to bad weather.

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