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#alpinistcommunityproject: Cosmin Andron and Cristina Pogacean

Posted June 16, 2017

From November 13-19, Cosmin Andron and Cristina Pogacean shared some photos and stories with the #alpinistcommunityproject. They are two Romanian alpinists. Cosmin is a former philosophy professor turned full-time mountain guide while Cristina, the saner half of the family, is a civil engineer who also moonlights as a certified mountain guide.

#alpinistcommunityproject 2016

Posted December 30, 2016

This week, we're sharing an assortment of social media posts from the Alpinist Community Project in 2016. In this collection we're resharing photos from Bryce Brown, James Rushforth, Michael Kennedy, Abhijeet Singh, Jeremy Joseph, Jenny Abegg and Forest Woodward, Tamotsu Nakamura and Caroline Treadway.

#alpinistcommunityproject: Jenny Abegg and Forest Woodward

Posted November 18, 2016

From November 6 to 12 Jenny Abegg and Forest Woodward shared work with the #alpinistcommunityproject. Abegg cut her teeth on granite splitters in the Pacific Northwest, and made her first trip to Indian Creek in the spring of 2012. Woodward, her partner-in-crime and man behind the lens for each photo in this series, has an penchant for both climbing and photographing the elegant sandstone splitters, and relishes the chance to do both at once.

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