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Alpinist Community Project Flashback: Mike Libecki

Posted April 10, 2019

From March 19-25, 2017, Mike Libecki shared some stories and photos with the #AlpinistCommunityProject about an expedition to Greenland in 2015 to climb a remote, unclimbed peak, which he'd named the Polar Bear Fang after finding it on maps and reconnoitering the approach by boat on different trips through the years. He had tried to reach the Fang—which he is certain is in a never-before visited area—on several occasions, but he had been shut down nearly every time because of sea ice, and once because there were too many polar bears to get off the boat. On this last attempt, he'd planned to go alone, but that quickly changed.

Alpinist Community Project Flashback: Nina Glazunov-Neverov

Posted November 28, 2018

From October 1-6, 2018, Nina Glazunov-Neverov shared some stories and photos with the #AlpinistCommunityProject about the life of her husband Sergey Glazunov, who reached a historic highpoint with Alexander Gukov on the North Ridge of Latok I (7145m) in Pakistan. During their descent, on July 25, Sergey Glazunov fell to his death. He was only 26 years old. Gukov was subsequently stranded for a week at 6200 meters before he was rescued by a dramatic helicopter operation. Nina's stories and photos from the Alpinist Community Project can now be viewed at

#AlpinistCommunityProject Flashback: Anna Piunova

Posted August 3, 2018

From October 16-22, 2016, Anna Piunova shared some stories and photos with the #AlpinistCommunityProject about some of her travels while working as the editor for Mountain.RU. Piunova recently helped coordinate a dramatic helicopter rescue for Alexander Gukov, who was stranded for a week at 6200 meters on the North Ridge of Latok I in Pakistan after his partner Sergey Glazunov fell to his death while rappelling.

#AlpinistCommunityProject Flashback: Krystle Wright

Posted June 4, 2018

From October 30 through November 5, 2016, Krystle Wright shared some stories and photos with the #AlpinistCommunityProject about paragliding in Pakistan. She is an adventure photographer from Australia who considers the open road her home. Her photo essay "In Perpetual Motion"—in which she explores "the void and the unspoken"—is featured in Alpinist 62.

#AlpinistCommunityProject Flashback: Quinn Brett

Posted November 17, 2017

From August 6-12, 2017, Quinn Brett shared some stories and photos for the #alpinistcommunityproject about some climbing adventures and places that were formative in her career. Based out of Estes Park, Colorado, Quinn is a climbing ranger in Rocky Mountain National Park and has become known for her big-wall speed and free climbs in Zion and Yosemite in recent years. On October 11, she slipped during a speed ascent of the Nose with Josie McKee and fell 100 feet onto a ledge. She was air-lifted to safety and has been in the hospital ever since, and has yet to regain the full use of her legs. A donation page has been set up under her name at to help cover the extensive medical bills.

#AlpinistCommunityProject Flashback: Jackie Niles

Posted August 26, 2017

On September 25-31, Jackie Niles and her friends Adam Reke, Chris Snobeck, Wade Morris and a few others shared stories and photos with the #alpinistcommunityproject about their climbing days in Rocky Mountain National Park.

#AlpinistCommunityProjectFlashback: Pete Takeda

Posted August 13, 2017

On August 7-13, 2016, filmmaker, author and longtime Alpinist contributor Pete Takeda shared some images and stories with the #alpinistcommunityproject about ice climbing in Quebec, which you can now see here. He wrote an article about the trip for Alpinist 55 titled "The Country of Winter," and also produced a short documentary called "Northern Soul."

#AlpinistCommunityProject Flashback: John Climaco

Posted August 4, 2017

On October 2 through October 8, John Climaco of Park City, Utah, shared some photos and stories about his time traveling and climbing abroad with the #alpinistcommunityproject. The 47-year-old has been climbing for 37 years all over the world and now considers himself lucky to be taking his kids to the mountains. You can now see his photos consolidated into a single feature at

#AlpinistCommunityProject Flashback: Michael Kennedy

Posted July 12, 2017

From August 28 through September 3, 2016, former Alpinist Editor-in-Chief Michael Kennedy shared some photos and stories for the #alpinistcommunityproject about his time in Wyoming's Wind River Range during the 1970s and 1980s. The series appeared in conjunction with the release of Alpinist 55, which featured the Winds in a story by Paula Wright titled "Silences on the Map." You can now see Kennedy's photos and stories consolidated into a single feature at

#Alpinistcommunityproject Flashback: Nick Aiello-Popeo

Posted June 26, 2017

From September 11-17, Nick Aiello-Popeo shared some photos and stories with the #alpinistcommunityproject. Aiello-Popeo made his first trip to Talkeetna, Alaska, at the age of 20. The trip catalyzed him to become a full-time climber. He now lives with his wife in New Hampshire, where he guides in North Conway. He returns to the Alaska Range for two to three months every year.

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