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Marc-Andre Leclerc frees Titanic on Torre Egger

DMM Apex Ice Tool Review: Heavy-duty and Ready to Rumble

The DMM Pivot: Innovation Worth the Effort

Last Unclimbed Wind River

Light, Low Profile and Hard to Break In: Arc'teryx Acrux AR Mountaineering Boots

Trango Piranha Knife: Sharp, Low Profile and Opens Bottles

A Tribute to Fly'n Brian McCray

Mammut Belay Chain: Strong Personal Tether for Anchoring

Mesca-Dawn: A Remembrance of Bill Denz

Home: an Index

China Doll (5.14a R trad): Heather Weidner Interview

Gobright and Bennett Blaze up Three El Cap Routes in a Day

Four New Lines and a Pack Raft Adventure in Alaska's Neacola Mountains

A Tribute to Ken Wilson, Legend of Mountain Literature

Colin Haley Solos the Infinite Spur, Gets Caught in Storm During Descent

Local Hero: Fay Pullen

A Visit with The Emperor: Mt. Robson, Infinite Patience

Citadel of Ice and Wind - New Route in the Kichatna Spires

Jetboil MiniMo Stove Review: The Old is New Again

Shark's Fin Full Report

Interview: Mike Robertson on His Eiffel Tower Protest Solo

Mingma Gyalje Sherpa's Solo Ascent of Khang Tagri (Mt. Chobutse)

Valley Climbers React to Name Changes in Yosemite

"Jul" of the Wild--A Review of Edelrid's Mega Jul Belay Device

Nanga Parbat Climbed in Winter

Petzl Laser Speed and Laser Speed Light: More Than Just the New Screw

Climber Survives Rockslide in Tetons

Drew Smith's Social Media Guest Postings November 23-29

French Climb Three New Peaks in the Hindu Raj

Sharp End: The Ice World, Beyond

Americans Climb New Route on South Face of Fitz Roy

Ukrainian Climbers Score Major Route on Mt. Talung

Patagonia's Torre Traverse Gets Fast Repeat

Yosemite in the Fifties The Iron Age: An Interview with the Photo Collector

Alpinist's Editor-in-Chief Recognized for Literary Excellence

Short Pitches Writing Contest Winner

Polish Alpinists Climb Enchainment on Krivan in High Tatras

Recent Activity on Big Yosemite Ice Route

In Memoriam: Ryan Jennings

Remembering American Alpine Club President Doug Walker

Remembering Kei Taniguchi

The Alpine Grind: Testing Five Camp Coffee Systems

Searching for Light in the Dark Arts

Doug Tompkins Dies in Kayaking Accident in Patagonia

Sequoia National Park: Spring Lake Wall Gets New Route after 40 Years

Tragedy on Nilgiri South

Team Authors New Lines in India's Himachal Pradesh

Sherpa and American Teams Climb First Ascents in Rolwaling Himal

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