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Posted April 29, 2008

The Growing Up Controversy: "No End in Sight"

The forum has infiltrated the climbing world.

Posted April 25, 2008

The Other Olympians

Each year 2,000 to 4,000 Tibetans peacefully resist the oppression in their homeland by escaping across the Himalayas. Freedom. Alpine style.

Posted April 23, 2008

Eco Everest Expedition 2008 launches from Everest Base Camp

Climate change is affecting people around the globe, and this is especially evident at the top of the world, around Mount Everest and other great peaks of the Himalayas.

Posted April 21, 2008

One Man's Booty is Another Person's Waste of Money

Dirtbags are getting more and more creative in finding ways to prolong their lifestyle...

Posted April 18, 2008

The Gradeless Climbers Manifesto

Yes, that is what I am proposing; THE CLIMBING LIFE free of the subjective ordinal.

Posted April 17, 2008

One Last Hoorah: Patagonia Trip Report

Around a month ago my partner Dave and I came to Patagonia with absolutely no idea what, if anything, we'd be able to accomplish...

Posted April 15, 2008

Best (or Worst?) Captions

Don't get me wrong... I don't hate fun, but some of the absurd captions on are more ridiculous than Tuesday Night Bouldering. Here's one I read today in Two Quick Ascents of The Fly: "Video still of Kevin Jorgeson about to soil his trousers while falling from the top of The Fly (V14) at Rumney, New Hampshire." First of all, did The Fly get downgraded from a route to a boulder problem? Probably. Anyway, here are some other caption and headline abominations from the same site.

Posted April 10, 2008

Opinion of a Chinese Reader

Some young people, like myself ten years ago, thought the west must be filled with idealism, democracy, prosperity and fairness. Well, if I have to put one adjective on how western media has reported the riot, the only word I can think of is "prejudice."

Posted April 9, 2008

Sad Smoky Mountains Ignition: A Call for Action

Climber Alberto Peruffo is planning a sky-wide protest against the Chinese occupation of Tibet...

Posted April 8, 2008

Filming Towers

There's really only one thing I can ever expect when I get to shoot a video with Rob Pizem: suffering.

Posted April 7, 2008

Climbing = Protest

China may have succeeded in closing Mt. Everest for its Olympic Torch bid, clearing the peak of any possible protesters or demonstrations, but it can't censor the rest of the world.

Posted April 4, 2008

Video: The Ice Climbing Polar Bear

Watch Bernard as he epics during a free solo WI5+ climb.

Posted April 2, 2008

Jamalots, Putty Nutz: Great April Fools Spoofs

In a strange bout of jubilation, maybe I should share a blog that isn't mean. Just as I was starting to think that nothing climbing-related on the internet was funny, thanks to friends in the climbing industry who also happen to have far too much time on their hands, I was introduced to these...

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