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Posted March 27, 2008

Chess. Bridge. Tug of war. Climbing?

If this is climbing in the limelight, sign me up—i don't think it could get any more humorous.

Posted March 21, 2008

New Resource for Avoiding Epics

I wanted to share a new website that tells you what the weather is like in popular US climbing areas called

Posted March 20, 2008

Reform the 1872 Mining Law

As human-powered outdoor recreation enthusiasts, we all need metal; from climbing carabiners and bike frames to trekking poles and ski edges. The problem lies with 19th century values and policy guiding 21st century high tech mining technology. The laws adopted in 1872 to govern prospecting with a pick and shovel and to help settle the West before the invention of the light bulb are the same laws in use today. These outdated laws place no regard for the new values and economic future of the west.

Posted March 17, 2008

A Few Gutsy Throws

Fueled by Sparks, Bone Thugs and a half awake co-pilot, I made a silent promise to myself to not let the Yaris drop below 90 mph. Things were going smooth. Too smooth. About an hour out of Bakersfield and the car struck something which I can only describe as hard...

Posted March 13, 2008

My Climbing Life: Dreaming of the Unscheduled Escape

I don't feel like working today. That doesn't change the fact that I have to work, and I will work, soon... but I am going to indulge in a self-indulgent blog post before I get cracking.

Posted March 12, 2008

There's Hope for the Climbing Community

Thank goodness for proactive climbers.

Posted March 10, 2008

Boulder: Sunny With a Chance of Spray

Being from Boulder, I understand the amount of spray that covers every surface in a 20-mile radius of that town, but it gets to be ridiculous when...

Posted March 7, 2008

World’s Worst Climbing Desecration?

Bolts are bad. Chipping is horrendous. What could be worse? Well—here's an easy answer—really, really stupid people.

Posted March 5, 2008

New High-Altitude Expedition Weather Forecast Website

I just wanted to inform everyone about a new online weather forecast service at that provides reliable forecasts, information and advice for expeditions to remote, high-altitude locations.

Posted March 5, 2008

First Guided Mid-Winter Ski Descent of Wyoming's Grand Teton

Exum Guides Nat Patridge and Bill Liberatore skillfully led Jackson skier David DeFazio in the first guided mid-winter ski descent of Wyoming's Grand Teton.

Posted March 3, 2008

The American Death Triangle and Other Practical Climbing Techniques

Learn to climb. Watch YouTube.

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