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Posted February 29, 2008

BASE Climbing on Cerro Torre

At 9 a.m. on February 25, 2008, Russian Valery Rozov was the first person to BASE jump off of Cerro Torre...

Posted February 28, 2008

Climbing As a Form of Protest?

"Spiderman" strikes again.

Posted February 27, 2008

Where's the climbing love?

Recently, I was in an expensive, albeit nice, climbing gym, four hours from where I live. The girl behind the counter was seemingly absorbed in her charge as the sentry of the gym...

Posted February 21, 2008

Base to Summit in 5 Seconds

Why skin up a peak when you could snowkite?

Posted February 18, 2008

Opening Photos: The Bradford Washburn Museum of American Mountaineering

The Bradford Washburn Museum of American Mountaineering opened last weekend in Golden, CO. The museum will honor the late Bradford Washburn and America's many mountaineers.

Posted February 16, 2008

Bad Climbing Humor at its Finest

I've never purported to be the funniest guy on the interweb, but it blows my mind just how bad some of this stuff is. And by "some of this stuff," I mean this website...

Posted February 15, 2008

Return of the Yeti

The yeti does exist, but is it a bear or really a missing link?

Posted February 6, 2008

Red Wine and Climbing

"In amongst the purple Chianti haze, I spot a thin crack in hard rock. Replacing the heel-hook I grab the small wires from my harness and without hesitation bite the green wire. A sickly-battery-taste makes me gag..."

Posted February 5, 2008

Apparently buildering was invented in 1905. Who Would've Thought?

I stumbled across an article on buildering and what it's perceived to be in the non-climbing community. I was surprised to find out that it's been around since 1905 when Harry Gardiner started climbing various tall buildings around the world, eventually climbing about 700 around the world.

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