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Posted June 12, 2008

Frozen Sweat

Stupid. My feet are numbing. My calves burn. My thighs ache. My throat is parched as sweat drips onto the lens of my sunglasses. I'm spent. I've hit a wall. I've got to get off this climb.

Posted June 8, 2008

It's the Descent That's the Killer!

With 100 dead on Denali, here's a glimpse at how it all went wrong.

Posted June 5, 2008

Thank God Alain Robert Didn't Wear Hand Jammies

Alain Robert solos the New York Times Building to raise global warming awareness. Thank God he didn't wear Hand Jammies.

Posted June 5, 2008

And the Winner Is...?

Get this: there is now a mountain climbing version of American Idol. It's called "The Mountain Academy". Pathetic.

Posted June 4, 2008

Everest: At Least They’re Banking

With 260 people reaching the summit this season, can we really hold this summit in such high regard? Maybe it's actually quantity over quality.

Posted June 4, 2008

Determination: Bob Timmer

This is the story of my friend, ice climber Bob Timmer, who was not only diagnosed with one, but TWO inoperable malignant tumors.

Posted June 3, 2008

Pavel "Don't Forget The Kitchen Sink" Shabalin

Oh the horror of being alone here on the mountain! Oh the howling wind! The cold ice! The danger! Only fifteen other men to snuggle with!

Posted May 21, 2008

Namaste and Warm Wishes From Nepal

The restrictions on touring as well as climbing in Tibet this Spring came as a shock to all of us.

Posted May 20, 2008

Eating Disorders and Mountaineering Disorders?

I (shocking that I would reference myself) posted a blog a few days ago that brought up both eating poorly and climbing, but I never dreamed that someone would somehow equate the two.

Posted May 18, 2008

With Magic, I Will Never Die

...It will give me the confidence to do the first free solo of the legendary Twark Might route F**k the Entire Universe, Who Are Losers but Don’t Know It (VIII WI7 A5+ 5.15c M22X, 1000m)

Posted May 15, 2008

Climmbing for...Puzzlement?

Puzzled instead of surprised because it’s becoming increasingly obvious with every passing month that that is precisely what climbing is becoming...

Posted May 12, 2008

Greed and the Nanny-State Mating Again

Apparently, the American public's inability to take any risks that don't involve processed foods has now expanded into a realm so close to the beloved and historic Tetons that my only recourse is to weep silently and shake my fist in impotent rage at the bastard love child of greed and the nanny state. It's an ugly child.

Posted May 6, 2008

Jail Escapee Must be a Boulderer

Kriseberg Jail, January 2008: Some Swedish dude escapes from prison by climbing over the building—bravo! But then he's caught only twenty minutes later? Do the community a bit of justice and get those legs in shape, friend.

Posted May 1, 2008

Kong Frog: Advancement in Quickdraw Technology or Just A Small Stick Clip?

When I saw an ad for the new Kong Frog quickdraw, I couldn't help but laugh. It looks like a glorified mini-stick clip.

Posted April 29, 2008

The Growing Up Controversy: "No End in Sight"

The forum has infiltrated the climbing world.

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