Mountain Standards

Posted February 25, 2019

Patagonia Micro Puff Storm Jacket: Everyday layering for cold, wet conditions

Chris Van Leuven has been weathering the winter in Yosemite and Colorado with the Patagonia Micro Puff Storm Jacket. He found it to be a bit too warm to wear while climbing, but he enjoyed it for cold belays and camp life. Four stars.

Posted February 7, 2019

Mountain Equipment Tupilak 30+: Simple, light and 'hardcore'

Alpinist Digital Editor Derek Franz writes of the Mountain Equipment 30+ backpack, "This is the most hardcore rucksack I've ever used.... No frills. All utilitarian grit." Franz reports that the pack is designed for the hardest mountain routes and leaves some convenience to be desired for more casual outings, but the Tupilak is well made for its intended purpose. Five stars.

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