Mountain Standards

Posted September 30, 2016

The DMM Pivot: Innovation Worth the Effort

The DMM Pivot shines as a simple, all-around assisted-braking belay device.

Posted September 21, 2016

Mammut Wall Rider Helmet Review

"Smaller rocks inevitably rained down. Just as the barrage ceased, a small rock whacked me in the head.... On the hard shell of the helmet, where the rock had hit, was a small ding. No cracks, no mess, just one clean dimple." Drew Thayer reviews the Mammut Wall Rider Helmet.

Posted September 10, 2016

Light, Low Profile and Hard to Break In: Arc'teryx Acrux AR Mountaineering Boots

Chris Van Leuven reviews the Arc'teryx Acrux AR Mountaineering Boots, crafted to be the "lowest volume weatherproof double boot ever made," the company says.

Posted September 2, 2016

Adidas Terrex Solo Approach Shoe 2016

YOSAR team member Josh Huckaby reviews the Adidas Terrex Solo approach shoes: "The Terrex Solos felt light on my feet, and have just enough support for extended carry outs down the dusty trails around Yosemite National Park."

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