Mountain Standards

Posted August 28, 2008

Gregory Z30 Pack: Superior Suspension

Because of its ability to hold up in the rugged, perform well on peaks and offer superior suspension in all conditions, this little pack gets an Alpinist Mountain Standards medal.

Posted August 22, 2008

La Sportiva Women's Miura: There's No Going Back

If you like a stiff and aggressive shoe that offers supreme advantages for edging and toeing in pockets, then this is the shoe for you.

Posted August 15, 2008

C.A.M.P. Nano Wire: Full-Strength Little Guy

These hot-forged 'biners are so sleek and small that friends have asked if the Nano Wire is designed for a key chain. To their surprise, I say these little guys are full-strength.

Posted August 11, 2008

Black Diamond Apollo: We Have Liftoff!

Having used the Apollo ski touring and climbing in the Canadian Rockies, I am so impressed that I feel the need to give this bright guy some hype.

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