"Our arrival, aboard our yacht, before the walls of Renland left us speechless. Imagine if you could sail to Yosemite Valley, amidst an array of glaciers, the ocean flirting with the foot of the rocky slopes. Before our very eyes there were more [unclimbed] rock faces than we could ever climb, even if we stayed there for the rest of our lives."
Between November 16 and 22, we posted Lizzy Scully's photos and video to our social media pages as part of the alpinist community project. She calls her collection "The Middle Path".
I used the Mithril on glaciers in the North Cascades, and cragging and multi-pitching in Colorado's Front Range. I took whippers, hung and worked moves, belayed from hanging anchors, and rappelled off Cynical Pinnacle, in Colorado's South Platte, in an electrical storm. 4 out of 5 stars
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Searching for Light in the Dark Arts


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Jeff Shapiro reflects on wingsuit flight after the death of his friends Sean "Stanley" Leary, Dean Potter and Graham Hunt. See the tribute to the three men in Alpinist 51 or read the feature here.

A vague memory of colorful wings, weightlessness and freedom dissolves from my consciousness as I wake to the sound of a repetitive beep. The black of morning brings a familiar recognition of uncertainty.

"How could my alarm be going off already?"

Even before I can look at the glowing red numbers, my hand finds the small, plastic button to halt the disruption.

[Photo] Jeff Shapiro Collection

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