"The adventure for the race was unknown, and it could have been over my head," Craig Muderlak says. "With most of my illustrations, I don't know how they'll turn out and I have no guarantee of a good outcome."
A few weeks ago, we published Matt Van Biene's black-and-white portraits of climbers in El Chalten, Argentine Patagonia. This week we bring you chapter 2 of Biene's project--this time with continuous scrolling--with his remaining images.
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Big Reinhold, Little Reinhold by Ed Webster chapter 2


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I didn't really earn my Little Reinhold nickname until 1988. Here's what Messner wrote about our next in-person meeting, in Lhasa, Tibet, in his book My Quest For The Yeti (pages 91 and 92): "At the hotel ... I met four climbers, American and English, who had just made a first successful ascent up Mt. Everest's feared eastern wall [the Kangshung Face]. They looked awful. Their faces had been ravaged by sun and frost, their lips were cracked, and their hands were bandaged. They had been trapped on the wall for a number of days, unable to return to the base camp, without any food or enough to drink."

Read the stories by Ed Webster as we progressively post them each week for the next several weeks.

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